Index to 3D Printer Modifications and Prints.

You can find out how I drifted into 3D printing on this page.

Some of the things which I have printed, I have designed myself but the majority of the prints which I make are from designs in a huge repository of 3D printed models,

available freely on a website called Thingyverse. There are other sites offering designs free of charge, including NAS, and some sites require a small fee for a design.

The vast majority of the designs can be printed free of charge but can not be sold for profit as they are  licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

The latest pages added to this index are shown at the TOP of the table.


Date page created

Page Description

31 Oct 2021 Features on the Moon and Mars
23 Oct 2021 3d printed tools
22 Oct 2021 Enclosed Bird Feeder
17 Oct 2021 Nested Duodecahedrons
14 Oct 2021 Landscapes of the Highlands and Islands
5 Oct 2021 Perpetual Marble Run

1 Oct 2021

Made a model tourbillion, a watch mechanism

30 Set 2021 From Astronomy to 3D Printing

30 Apr 2021

Added Endoscope Camera

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